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Gemstone Realty, Georgia

  • Gemstone has succeeded with KSPmarketing through weekly Google Plus posts, Facebook content, Yext management and LinkedIn status updates and monthly market recap articles. This keeps consumers updated with their local area as well as drives revenue to a business with the happenings in Gemstone's markets.
  • After helping build Gemstone, they have reached an average of 300 more views per month as well as an additional thirteen shares per month on this weekly content and growing.
  • Gemstone is a realty company I've seen start from the bottom with no social media profiles. It has since turned into a blooming platform to receive news and updates on real estate in Georgia.

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Prime Location Realty, West Virginia

  • To further test Gemstone's tactics, PLR has seen similar effects with KSPmarketing. Again, consistent engagement through Google Plus, Facebook, Yext and LinkedIn has dramatically increased PLR's analytics.
  • PLR's new marketing plan has instilled data increase of over 100% continuous weekly engagement, site clicks, page views and over 1,400% reach increase.
  • KSPmarketing has helped PLR get the activity it's been seeking.

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Sales Lead Management Association

  • SLMA is an advisory committee that partners with businesses to share its knowledge on CRM software and revenue management through events, radio shows and more.
  • KSPmarketing has worked with SLMA mainly through Twitter. By posting consistent content, I have learned the art of tweeting, hashtagging and the behind-the-scenes of SEO interaction.
  • This Sales Leads genius has since seen growth with about 25K audience impressions per month, and between 10-30% increase in mentions and visits.

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  • Iris-OC is one of my favorite partnerships as it is a resource for happy healthy living as perennials in Orange County. They help connect like-minded people, inspire healthier lifestyles and open the minds of individuals looking to live curiously.
  • KSPmarketing helped build the content for Iris-OC. I have written a large portion of posts for their magazine that requires hours of research and editing per post.
  • I have been with Iris before their site launch and have seen the many lives that have been affected by their outreach and engaging content.

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